DragonCon meet up

If you are lucky enough to be going to Dragon Con I hate you I'm so happy for you!! ;)  I'm totally not insanely jealous or anything. Really. 

Anyway.... Bear from  CraigParker.net is organizing a meet up of Craig fans. All you Darken fans contact her and get together so you can swarm Craig with some Darken love!!

Here's her FB page

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Did anyone know Craig's full frontal was coming?? I needed warned I had a freaking heart attack!!!! izdeadIdiedIzdead from the sexy....

Dark Fest fics

 Legend of the Seeker - It doesn't matter

Summary: An alternate telling of "Reckoning". Kahlan becomes bitter and selfish as she awaits the years to pass for her plan to unfold.

Harry Potter - Lessons in being a Death Eater

Summary: Bella is so disgusted by Lucius’ state when he returns from Azkaban that she recruits her husband to show Lucius how to be a proper Death Eater again and uses Hermione in her twisted plan


Remembering Kevin

This month will make 9 years ago we lost Kevin. Taken way too early. He was an amazing actor, husband, father and friend.
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Thank to my friend Princessah for the uploads.
Check out her other youtube vids for lots more Kevin and Xena/Ares goodies.