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Xena/Ares Cara/Darken

Love Hate, Lust Hate.....Love

I ship the heroine and the bad boy

Come to the Palace Darklings!

I created this to house and organize all things Xena and Ares shipper I've found on the web because they seem to be disappearing in some places. Plus just so I have one place with all my favorites! I have given all authors and creators credit for the work. But if you want to be a greedy bard and don't want your work posted here just let me know!
Some stories are too long to fit into one entry. The beginning of all stories will be listed on the most recent front page and have direct links at the bottom to continue to the next chapters.
If you want to access the other parts directly they will be posted in the month of August '06 archives.

Disclaimer: Xena, Ares, Gabrielle, Eve, Virgil, Varia, Cyane, Gascar,Joxer, Hercules, Iolus and other characters who have appeared on the show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS are the property of Renaissance Pictures-MCA/Universal Studios. All stories listed here are not-for-profit work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

If you have anything shipper related you want to add just let me know.

Dedicated to Kevin Tod Smith who made Ares so wonderful. March 1963 - February 2002
You will be forever imortal as the God of War.

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